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MB Plastics offers a full range of lined pipes, fittings and valves for the handling of corrosive fluids in chemical industries.

MB Plastics Europe provides experience, knowledge and provides solutions for corrosion problems on a turn-key base.

MB Plastics  supplies a wide range of coatings for surface protection provides solutions for every case of application.

MB Plastics is known as fluor plastic specialist (Teflon). We provide semi-finished products such as plates, foil and pipes.

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MB Plastics Europe BV is a family owned company,  specialised in fluoroplastics. These plastics (better known as teflon) are processed in lined pipe systems and storage containers. MB Plastics also offers semi-finished products. Our products give you the oppertunity to transport and store liquids without corrosion our wear. They  are known for there life time, reliability and quality. Fluoroplastics are being used in different branches such as the: chemical-, Petro-, pharmaceutical, food and semiconductor industry.
The combination of twenty years of experience and independent production locations ensures that we are able to give you professional advise and excellent delivery times.

MB Plastics Europe BV, your partner in fluorplastics!


Tonny Berendsen

Tonny Berendsen



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Ron Willemen

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Yvonne Kemmeren

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Wil van Schaaik

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Jelle Berendsen



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Tjerk Berendsen

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