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MB Plastics Europe BV offers experience and knowledge and provides you solutions for all your corrosion problems on a turn-key base in two options:

  • – ChemResist Rotational Lining
  • – Sheet lining

ChemResist – Rotational-Lining

Together with our parnter Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH (Germany) we combine years of experience. We are pioneers in rotation-sinter-lining. This method provides you the advantage of full vacuum and high chemical resistance. The reason for this is the use of fluor materials like ETFE and PFA. Furthermore we have applications with thermoplasts like PE, PP and PA. We can offer our products in electrical conductive and provided with a FDA certificate.

Sheetlining (loose/glued)

This well known conventional coatingstechnique is used for the last 40 years. We use fluorpolymers like peeled plates, isostatic pressed- and extruded semi-finished parts. After this, the steelparts are lined with the fluorpolymers. This can be done by loose lining (sleeve) or by glueing the material. In that case we use plates with a backing of glass or polyester.

View our presentation about equipment lining