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SS316/ETFE ChemResist Evolution delivered

SS316/TFM(teflon)      towers delivered

CS/ Teflon Reducing Flanges delivered



MB Plastics Europe BV – Ready for the next level!
On the 1st of January, MB will move to its new and modern production facility in Tilburg (NL)

With this great step we will be able to adapt the increasing demand in Europe and meet our customers excellence on quality and reliability.

Our telephone number remains the same: +31(0)850 201 666 

Our new address:

Ledeboerstraat 68 – 10
5048 AD, Tilburg

 Hope you will join us in our journey to further growth.  We are looking forward to meet you in Tilburg.

Augustus 2018


 Uw leverancier van gemachineerde onderdelen en halffabricaten uit voorraad

MB Plastics Europe BV is in samenwerking met Fluorocarbon Ltd. Leverancier van gemachineerde onderdelen en halffabricaten uit voorraad. Dit betekent dat u snel kunt beschikken over producten van top kwaliteit!

De Producten:
-Geëxtrudeerde en geperste staf en buis
-PTFE Virgin en gevuld plaat materiaal.
-Gemachineerde onderdelen

PTFE extruderen

-Staf: Diameter 1/4″ – 5″ Lengte tot 2997mm 
-Buis: 5/8″ – 6″ diameter tot 118″
-PTFE Thin wall tubing in verschillende maten en kleuren verkrijgbaar.

-Staf diameter: 1/8″ – 2″ lengte tot 1828mm
-Staf met een diameter tot 60″ met verschillende lengtes. 
-Buis 3/4″ – 60″ OD met verschillende lengtes. 

In plaatmateriaal zijn alle faciliteiten aanwezig om te voldoen aan uw wensen en die van uw klant.

Mocht u interesse hebben in extra informatie dan kunt u terecht op
https://www.mbplastics.nl/ maar nog liever ontmoeten wij u door middel van een persoonlijk bezoek

Wij hopen van u te horen! 

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Juni 2018


 #Achema 2018

We had an amazing week! We would like to thank everyone who visited our Gutbrod/MB Plastics and Hi-Tech booth on the Achema 2018 in Frankfurt. It was our pleasure and honor and we enjoyed many inspiring conversations. We also want to thank the Gutbrod and Hi-Tech teams who made this week possible!  

We look forward doing business with you in the future. If you have further questions or in case you want more information about our products, please feel free to contact us: info@mbplastics.nl  

#resistance #fluorspecialist  #Anticorrosion #equipment #achema #visit #ptfe #pfa
#chemicalprocessing #inspiration #informationproducts #linedpipe #rotationallining

Maart 2018

TEFLON® PTFE – Coating

Non-sticky and dry lubrication coatings for smooth application

Teflon®PTFE coatings are the ideal solution in all areas of the production process where operational breakdowns can occur due to contamination or incrustation.

The advantages:
– Increased production rate
– Continuous working process
– No downtimes
– No adhering of foreign substances
– Solution to reject problems
– FDA conform
– Also available as an electrically conductive version

Februari 2018

January 2018


December 2017

November 2017

 ETFE ultra + Coating

Chemical protection at the highest level with the best permeation properties

The material for this Fluorpolymer-coating, which will be applied with a specific method, is highly resistant against chemicals and acids, and has extraordinarily advantages, compared with common coating and lining systems.

ETFE ultra+ has an extraordinary, universal chemical resistance at high temperatures and is excellent when under clean room conditions.

This coating is also available in a conductive version, is repairable on site, solvent-resistant, easy to clean thanks to its anti-adhesive surface that is non-flammable and is resistant to cold.

Special Features 

  • Seamless coating for virtually al forms
  • No welds
  • Superior bond to the metal substrate
  • Excellent permeation through use of fillers, compared to commercially available PFA coatings
  • Layer thicknesses of 200 microns to 2 mm possible
  • Comparable with our PFA ulta+ – but the more economic solution!

September 2017

First project for SRF Ltd. India.

In alliance with our partner Hi Tech Applicator MB Plastics did the PFa lining of a carbon steel column. especially the combination of high temperature with chemicals was a challenge. The job was used as a trainings project for hightech specialist in orde to guaranty local maintenance support for the SRF plant. With this cooperation MB Plastics Europe and Hitech succeeded to combine knowledge and skills and hope for a bright future, with lots of projects to come.

Mei 2017

Januari 2017


December 2016

November 2016

Mei 2016

Future production concepts in the (petro) chemical and Pharmaceutical industry

Over the last 5 years,  the chemical and pharmaceutical industry has been working on 2 major production concepts to improve their production:

  1. Continuous flow;
  2. Modularized production.

Huntsman Quickstep HCL Plant Project (MB Plastics Europe BV)

The general goal is to produce faster, with a higher quality and less waste.

Due to globalized and volatile markets, reduction of time-to market is as essential as safe, resource-efficient and flexible production. The chemical industry is facing an increasing demand from fast growing and vibrant markets such as South East Asia , India and South America and a trend to customized specialty and fine chemicals. This leads to high product varieties which are produced from small amounts to over hundred tons per year.

The  traditional batch process is a long-term run and requires a lot of chemical engineering know-how and calculations as well as experimental results from lab-scale and pilot plant prototyping. Step by step the production volume is increased until the final production plant is build.  Every step is difficult, accounts for a high investment and increases time-to-market.  Besides this market foresight has potentially a high deviation rate as time-to-market is too long.

So the continuous –flow and modularized process approaches to overcome the disadvantages of batch production and reduce the development time of a chemical or biotechnological production process from initial idea to market operation with simultaneous energy and resource efficiency are a new paradigm in chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Advantages of continuous production methods:

  1. Smaller ecological footprint

The required equipment is much smaller and more easy to handle. Process cycle times are lower as well as operating costs. Maximized quality control and a higher level of automation coupled with less human interaction allows for smarter and digitized process control.Depending on the produced chemical the usage of single-use equipment could be profitable. The overall need for inventory and storage is much lower.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             For processes which are susceptible to contamination, like in pharmaceutical drug production, continuous processes together with real-time monitoring and regular sampling can easily detect such contaminations and allow for discarding only a small amount of the product instead of the entire batch.

  1. The process is fully integrated

This means that the products of one reactin flow into the next through small-volume pipes.

One can now use certain kinds of chemical reactions that are not feasible in batch processes, such as very fast reactions, highly exothermic reactions, safety-relevant conversions like nitration, or those which require specific light- or UV-impulse or high temperatures. This could open a completely new field of chemicals and drugs.

We believe that it will be a question of time until all major pharmaceutical drug producers have commercial-scale continuous- manufacturing facilities.

These facilities allow a quick reaction to increasing or decreasing market demands and are very suitable for the chemical process industry.

The target behind modular plant systems is to use standard modules for continuous manufacturing.  By using continuous manufacturing laboratory equipment very similar to the final process equipment, the detailed engineering of the final production facility can be realized with the chosen laboratory plant structure. The production facility is then assembled from pre-configured modules.

This method reduces throughput times and optimize the energy efficiency of the process.

The modularization of key components  such as columns , piping and pumps contributes significantly to an increased efficiency and reduced time-to-market as well as allows for industry – wide use.  Furthermore models of automotive industry supply chains can be adapted which offer great potential for synergies and competitive advantages for specialty and fine chemicals companies.


So the continuous-manufacturing and modularized plant system approach could lead to produce cost-effectively over the long term and this right from day one, just by offering the optimal balance between investments and operating costs as well as future updates.

Continuous-manufacturing and modularized plant system will be the future standard in chemical process industry.

Source: Achema  Asia  9-12 May 2016  Achema Worldwide News.

April 2016

Solvay Rosignanon Itiniris Project

MB Plastics Europe BV is gedreven om voortgang te boeken, onze technieken op de juiste manier te gebruiken en mooie projecten te realiseren. Deze maand bevinden wij ons in de afrondingsfase van het Itiniris project. Het gaat hier om 2 peroxide opslagtanks van 4 bij 13 meter die geheel van binnen bekleed worden met PFA. Deze opslagtanks worden ingezet in de semiconductor industrie. Samen met Industrie Verträtung Wijers hebben wij deze opdracht voor Solvay Rosignano, Italië, mogen ontvangen.

3 weken geleden is de eerste RVS 316 tank, vanuit Gilze, met zwaar transport naar Italië vervoerd waar het zonder complicaties werd geïnstalleerd. MB Plastics Europe BV verwacht dat de 2de tank eind april wordt geïnstalleerd.

Nieuwe aanwinsten MB Plastics Europe BV

MB Plastics Europe BV hecht veel waarde aan persoonlijk contact me collega’s, klanten en leveranciers. Wij houden u dus graag op de hoogte van de nieuwe collega’s  die onze organisatie gaan versterken. MB Plastics Europe BV ontwikkelt zich en is volop  bezig  met innovatie. Hiermee willen we onze klanten nog beter bedienen.

De beide nieuwe medewerkers Songtan Kampiwpan en Jelle Berendsen zijn per ingang van 1 maart jl.  in dienst getreden .

Het zijn beide enthousiastelingen die met veel overtuiging, plezier en kennis aan de slag zijn gegaan.  Ze zullen invulling geven aan de ambities die we hebben.