Semiconductor service.

As the core competencies of Fluoropolymer of MP Plastics, PFA is one of our material lines and commonly used for High-Purity Fluid handling in the semiconductor industry.

PFA (pefluoroalkoxy)

PFA is universally compatible with all chemicals to protect metal leaching from corrosion and maintain the purity of the electronics grade chemicals (5 ppt) to the chip manufacturing at 0.3 ppt (300 ppq).

MB Plastics products and solution for semiconductor.
  • High-purity storages.
    • ISO sheet lining
    • Rotational tanks
  • PFA / PTFE pipes, valve and fitting.
  • PFA tubes.





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High-Purity products and services

High-purity cleaning chemical.

Semiconductor industry primarily uses Hydrogen peroxide and ammonium hydroxide for cleaning. Therefore, Chip manufacturing plants are setting higher cleaning-chemical purity standards by testing all contaminate for instance.

  1. Part-per-billion (ppb) levels.
  2. 20 individual metals to part-per-trillion (ppt) levels.

Several chemical providers attempt to enhance the purity, for instance, the purity of the anhydrous hydrogen chloride more than 99.999%.  The chemicals are supplied and transport at 5 ppt, while semiconductors filter the chemical down to 0.3 ppt (300 ppq).


Why PFA?

According to super-high purity standard, Purity protection providers are removing cleaning chemical contaminants down to sub-20-nm sizes.  Fluoropolymer material has adopted in many chemical providers for handling products to ensure that chemical is free of the carcinogen or contaminations.

PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) are the highest proportion among the fluoroplastics to universally compatible with all aggressive chemical fluids, maintain ultra-purity and nonreactive with virtually all chemicals.

James O’Neill, chief technology officer, Entegris
Teflon, 2020