• Naast standaard maatvoering ook dip pipes op maat!
  • Productie binnen enkele dagen!
  • Compleet pakket aan fluorpolymer beklede dip pipes (dompelbuizen)!

Maten mogelijk in combinatie met RVS en koolstofstaal.

Lining materiaal:

  • PFA
  • PTFE
  • TFM


  • 1″ tot 4″.


  • PFA maximale lengte: 6 meter
  • PTFE maximale lengte: 6 meter
  • TFM maximale lengte: 6 meter


Documents & datasheets:



Ook met PFA- en ETFE coatings zijn er geweldige mogelijkheden:

  • Coatingdiktes tot 1.5-2.0 mm!
  • Grotere diameters dan 4″ zeker mogelijk!


Spitter pipe.

Spitter pipes supplied with FEP or PTFE linings are used when the dip pipe does not penetrate the surface of the liquid contents of the vessel, or if the contents of the vessel are not subject to agitation. The flanged section consists of an FEP lined steel spool piece which is then fitted with an additional heavy wall PTFE pipe. This pipe is flared over the top flange, and extends through the vessel flange to give the required insertion length. This type of dip pipe offers a very cost effective solution for this basic design.

Dip Pipe.

MB Plastics offers a conventional carbon steel dip pipe lined with FEP. A secondary heavy duty PTFE lining is fitted into the bore and flared over the top of the flange whenever vacuum services conditions are specified. Many variations of this basic design are available, including multi dip systems.

Reinforced dip pipes.

A complex FEP lined concept is used in applications which require a long dip pipe which may also penetrate into highly agitated fluids inside the vessel. Additional strength is achieved by a system which reinforcesthe dip pipewith a largerdiameter outerpipe. All wetted surfaces are lined with FEP, and a secondary PTFE innerliner can be fitted when vacuum conditions are specified.

PTFE lined dip pipe.

The basis for this system is a conventional carbon steel dip pipe, on to which a PTFE lining is applied as an integral continuous one piece liner without any welds or seams. The lining process used requires an intermediate adapter flange in order to assemble the pipe to the vessel. This intermediate flange is also lined with PTFE.